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Logo Dutch Connection Australia

Dutch Connection Australia is a sub-group of the Dutch Club Abel Tasman. It organises Dutch community Club events for younger people and families. It will promote these events via this website, its mailing list, social media and at various Dutch events.

Events organised include:

Who will be part of Dutch Connection?

If you or your family was born in Holland or one of its (former) colonies?
If you are an expat, backpacker, migrant?
If you know someone who is Dutch?
If you like to eat or drink:
• broodje haring
• drop
• kroket
• Dutch/Belgian beer
If you have been to Holland (once) and loved it?
If you live in the Carnegie area?
If you are currently enjoying the regular dance nights?
In fact anyone who likes, associates or knows someone who is Dutch! So that includes YOU!

Contact Us

We would love to hear your opinion on what we could include or consider or any suggestions you may have for the Dutch Connection at 60 Rosstown Road, Carnegie.

Email: mail@dutchconnectionaustralia.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DutchConnectionVictoria

Be informed

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