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Club Event

The Club was initially known as the 'Netherlands Society Abel Tasman' and first opened its doors on the 1st November 1958 in Barkly Street, St Kilda.

The Club changed its name on the 30th October 1978 to its present name of Dutch Club 'Abel Tasman'.

The Club organises several activities and in recent years has also become an umbrella organisation for other groups. Sub-committees/groups include the Dutch Connection Australia, the Dutch Australia Heritage Centre, the Erasmus Foundation and Carnegie Hall (Saturday nights live music).

Carnegie Hall

Aim and mission statement

It has always been the aim of the Dutch Club to unite the Dutch community, retain Dutch traditions and to support each other wherever possible. The resilience of the Club is symbolic and reflective of the spirit of the Dutch character. It is still the Clubs mission statement of today and we are hoping to continue its legacy for many years and many events to come.

Our vision is that Dutch Club Abel Tasman is the place to be for the Dutch community and anyone interested in its culture.

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